How to dress to be stylish?

Article published at: Dec 28, 2023 Article author: Eadam Dijital
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There is no indispensable method for a person who wants to dress stylishly , so do not feel obliged to fit yourself into narrow patterns. So, first of all, take a deep breath and sit back! There are many styles you can use, many different clothes you can choose and many different accessories you can buy to make a difference with your outfit. What really matters is our body shape.
First, let's understand exactly what the concept of style is, and then we will talk about what we need to do to say I have style .

What Does Style Mean?

This means that the other person actually creates a work of art. Sound too ambitious? You will soon understand what we mean and agree. Let's think about what elements make us look stylish. Someone who dresses aesthetically actually successfully accomplishes the following:

  • Recognizes body lines, determines clothes to suit body type,
  • He has decided how much of his body and skin he will show (you know, what we show and how much we don't show affects our appearance).
  • She has decided what feeling she wants to give when choosing her clothes (it is useful to know a little psychology)
  • How is the current fashion more or less following this?
  • When buying clothes, he makes his choice according to all these principles. It harmonizes clothes consisting of more than one piece,
  • Knows more or less what to wear where and what not to wear,
  • Knows basic design principles. It determines how to combine bold pieces with plain pieces, bold colors with plain colors. Yes, it is useful to read this sentence once again.

As you can see, someone who dresses stylishly actually pays attention to many things, even if we don't realize it, and the result is a work of art. What else is a work of art other than applying principles and expressing our creativity at the same time?

For example, when we think of a stylish girl, what type of person comes to mind? The first thing we noticed was that we were faced with a person who took care of his clothes. So this person spends time and effort on clothing and appearance. It is not easy to shop without planning or pleasure.

Where should we start to be stylish?

Actually, since you are reading this article, you have started where you should start: by researching and making effort. So what should we do apart from this? If you noticed, the dressing rules listed above focus on discovering ourselves (it appears everywhere, right?) and learning the must-haves regarding stylish clothing . That's why we will be progressing our activities under two headings: learning and trying (trying by wearing-taking-off-matching!).

How do we learn to dress? Our advice to you is to do this through as many different channels as possible. Of course, reading about the subject is the most necessary and first step, but then we can learn a lot from, for example, our neighborhood tailor. Talking to our friends and acquaintances who pay attention to their clothes and appearance will also be very useful in this regard. If they dress stylishly and aesthetically, this cannot just be a coincidence! Another recommendation is the trial and error method. We will inevitably be using this method anyway; Because we may not have anyone to ask about all our clothing shopping and combinations.

Things Overlooked in the Trial and Error Method

Let's say we have determined our body shape, favorite colors and clothing style , and now it's time to go shopping. We took steps to create a style and line by trial and error. What should we pay attention to now so that we don't get upset later? The first thing we will pay attention to is whether an outfit we like fits our body or not. So, wear it and try it on. Someone (for example, a model whose profession is exactly that) may look perfect to us when they wear that outfit, they may have achieved that ideal look, but this does not mean that the same perfection will be achieved when we wear it.

On the other hand, if the outfit we are considering buying does not suit us for a valid or invalid reason, it may be beneficial not to insist on buying it. Because there is a reason why we don't like it and we will probably throw it away at the first opportunity after we get excited about the outfit. For what reasons might we feel uncomfortable?

  • Clothing may be tight
  • It may have been too loose
  • It may show a part of our body incorrectly due to its cut.
  • The material it is made from may not be reliable
  • It has a texture that disturbs our body (not every material may suit everyone)
  • Parts of the garment may not seem secure (loose buttons, weak laces, dangling threads, etc.).

Another trial and error suggestion is to not buy expensive clothes that we have not put through various stages of testing and are therefore not sure about. Instead, buy clothes in a price range that will not be a problem for the health and well-being of our budget when we spend it. We don't shop for clothes just to throw away our money, right?

Is It Always Helpful to Listen to Your Heart?

Imagine, there is a dress and you like it very much at first sight. Color, cut, length, everything is exactly what you are looking for. You've been thinking of buying a dress like this for a long time. You walked into the store (or pressed the add to cart button), tried on the outfit, but it didn't fit . What would you do? Most likely, our excuse-making mechanism would start working at the first stage and list how many reasons we have to buy. We thought that nothing could stop us from buying that outfit, but... On the other hand, that irresistible feeling of discomfort would also bother us.

If there is a way to permanently correct the deficiency or mistake that seems like a problem when buying clothes , we can buy that clothes. For example, we work with a tailor who loves his job and the problem with the clothes is a fixable problem. In such a case, we would not have to be completely deprived of clothes. However, if the problem is big and we buy it anyway, it means we will probably throw it away after a few wears. Because our body, and indirectly our brain, cannot handle a garment that causes us pain or disrupts the personal line we have created so far, for a long time, just because we paid a certain price.

Bonus Recommendation

Keep one thing in mind when choosing your clothing: some outfits are particularly red flags. Let's explain what this means. Even though we prioritize ourselves when dressing, we subconsciously also take the people around us into account. In other words, we actually shape their thoughts about us. In this regard, when we wear an outfit that will definitely not fit the environment we are in, just to be different, we may actually be overstepping the line, and this will change the perspective of those around us negatively.

To sum up, there are many ways to be stylish ; As long as we know what principles we need to follow. Then, let's get to know ourselves physically so that we can discover what will suit us and what will not. Let's chat with people around us (a tailor, a trend- following friend, etc.) about what clothing types mean and how to make combinations, whenever we get a chance. Let's put ourselves to the test to avoid wasting money by buying the wrong outfit. Finally, let's stay away from the styles and colors we should avoid. Aesthetic dressing for all of you!