Color Guide for Timeless Elegance: Old Money Palette

Article published at: Apr 13, 2024 Article author: Eadam Dijital
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Classic but not boring! Old Money aesthetics combine timelessness and elegance with a modern perspective. So, which tones stand out in the color palette, which is one of the most important elements of this style?

The simplicity of white, the warmth of beige and cream, the naturalness of brown and the nobility of black... These tones, which form the basis of the Old Money style, promise elegance for every occasion.

From the nobility of navy blue to the luxury of emerald green, from the naivety of pastel tones to the mystery of burgundy and plum... The Old Money color palette pushes the limits of classical elegance.

Don't forget! The Old Money aesthetic isn't just about classic pieces and neutral colors. It's up to you to interpret this style with modern touches and bold colors!

Elegant Dance of Neutral Tones: The Cornerstones of the Old Money Color Palette

Pure Sparkle of White: White, the symbol of cleanliness, simplicity and luxury, is indispensable for the Old Money style. An elegant white women's shirt model always promises elegance as an eye-catching dress or iconic trousers.

Warm Touch of Beige and Cream: Beige and cream tones, which create a soft and friendly atmosphere, are ideal for creating an effortless but eye-catching style. Beige dress models offer timeless elegance with women's cream trousers and elegant shirt models.

Strong Presence of Black: Adapting to every occasion and style, black forms the basis of the Old Money aesthetic. It always provides a noble and elegant look as a dress, black fabric trousers or as an accessory.

Natural Shades of Brown: Earth-inspired brown tones add warmth and depth to Old Money wardrobes. It offers natural elegance with jackets, shoes and bags.

Style That Comes to Life with Colors: Vibrant Touches of the Old Money Palette

The Noble Power of Navy Blue: Navy blue is an indispensable color for a formal and noble look. You can create a sophisticated atmosphere with a women's denim jacket , skirt or dress.

Green is the Color of Luxury: Green, which evokes luxury and magnificence, makes an eye-catching addition to the Old Money palette. A green midi dress adds richness to your style as a bag or accessory.

Naive Touch of Pastel Tones: Pastel colors are ideal for a delicate and feminine look. Tones such as dusty pink, light blue or lavender can create an elegant atmosphere in blouses, skirts and dresses.

Style Tips:

  • Create a timeless backdrop based on neutral tones.
  • Get an elegant and sophisticated look with dark tones like black and navy blue.
  • Create a classic elegance with monochrome combinations.
  • Revive your style by using vibrant colors such as emerald green, burgundy and plum in accessories.
  • Feel free to interpret the Old Money aesthetic with modern touches and bold colors.

Colors of Confident Style: Get Inspired by the Old Money Palette

This information will help you better understand the Old Money color palette and use it in your own style. Remember, you are always free to break the style rules and create your own color story!

Let's Make Old Money Combination!



You can use sunglasses, sunscreen and a straw hat to complete your combination. You can also add a thin necklace or bracelet.

Style Tips:

  • For Old Money style, focus on neutral tones and classic pieces.
  • Choose quality and natural products.
  • Add personal touches to your style with your accessories.
  • Feel confident and comfortable!

This combination is just a suggestion. You can make changes according to your own taste and style. For example, you can choose a white T-shirt instead of a lace-detailed shirt, or a brown skirt instead of beige linen trousers.

I hope this combination inspired you!