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It is a type of clothing that starts from the waist area and extends to the ankle. It is a clothing option that is frequently preferred in our daily lives and provides many opportunities in terms of comfort.

Skirts have existed in women's lives since ancient times. However, with the developing and changing living conditions, trousers also entered the lives of women. Today, there is no gender difference in the use of trousers. Women's trouser models, which are frequently preferred in daily life, are also rich in diversity.

​Women's trouser types

There is a lot of variety in trousers. It is a type that can be preferred in daily life as well as on special occasions and for a stylish look. Women's Trouser models vary according to their fabrics. They are also named according to their stance. So, what are these types? Tube leg trousers, skinny trousers, wide leg, narrow leg, tights, straight trousers, off-road trousers, cargo trousers, tracksuits, shorts, shalwar, skirt trousers and overalls.

​Women's Trouser Models According to Their Legs

Women's trouser models have different names according to their leg lengths. Skinny trousers, tube leg trousers, gaucho trousers, slack-leg trousers, rolled-up trousers, skirt trousers, shalwar trousers, tracksuit trousers, capri trousers, flared trousers, gardener trousers, overalls, tights trousers.

​Skinny Pants

It is a type of trousers that is frequently used in women's selection of trousers. It is a type of trousers that hugs and clings to the body. It is a slim cut trouser model.

Tube Leg Trousers

It is a trouser model with trouser legs falling straight down to the ankle.

​Gaucho Trousers

These women's trouser models are reminiscent of skirt models. Because the legs are wide and very comfortable to use.

Saggy Leg Trousers

The legs of saggy-leg trousers have a shabby appearance.

Turned-Cuff Trousers

This type of women's trouser models are used with rolled up legs. It creates a difference depending on the leg shape.

​Skirt Trousers

It is a type of trousers that has very wide legs as they go down from the waist. Women's trouser models are like a combination of the comfort and elegance of a skirt.

​Salwar Trousers

Salwar trousers are a type of trousers that are influenced by tradition and modernized with some touches . It can be said that these are the most comfortable trousers among women's trouser models . It offers many options in terms of usage with its loose cut and different fabric types. Since ancient times, shalwar has been used in work areas because it is comfortable. Nowadays, it has gained differences considering the preferences. Baggy trousers are usually elasticated at the waist. The crotch is wide and narrows from knee level to the ankles. It also has drawstring elastic at the wrists as well as at the waist.

​Tracksuit Trousers

Although tracksuit trouser models are clothing designed for sports, they are now a type of clothing that is widely used in daily life. Tracksuit trousers have come to the fore with their comfort and have taken the top positions in the preference lists. It is comfortable in terms of loose cut and straight leg.

​Capri Trousers

Capri trousers have leg lengths between below the knee and ankle. It can be produced from fabric or denim fabric.

Spanish Leg Trousers

Flared leg trouser models remained prominent and popular in the 60s and 70s. It is a piece that reflects the full personality of free-spirited women. The legs become quite wide from the knee. Short women can benefit from the advantage of bell-bottoms by choosing high-heeled shoes. Spanish leg hugs and fits the body from the waist and hips. It is also very easy to combine flared trouser models . It can be complemented with sweaters and shirts. Depending on the material of the trousers, you can complement the piece you will wear.

​Gardener Pants

The main purpose of production is to ensure the comfort of gardeners in the work environment, so that they can move easily in the work area. Later, it became usable in daily life by adapting to people's needs to make a difference. Women can also achieve a stylish look by using this piece on a daily basis or by complementing it with different pieces.


Overalls are a product of inspiration. Overalls inspired by uniforms create a masculine atmosphere. You can achieve a very stylish look with the different fabrics used in overalls designed as a single piece. It is possible to see overalls as evening dresses. While it can be used stylishly, it is also a savior piece in daily life. It can be an indispensable piece with its comfort.

Leggings Pants

It is a piece that completely surrounds the body. Since it is narrow, it grips the legs tightly. Leggings trouser models can be combined with long shirts. Likewise, it is possible to complement it with blouses. It is a piece frequently preferred by women for comfort. Both its ease of use and comfort have made it a popular piece.

​Women's Trouser Models According to Waist Levels

Trousers are also named according to their waist level. These are: high-waisted trousers, mid-rise trousers, low-waisted trousers and very low-waisted trousers.

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​High Waisted Trousers

High-waisted women's trousers are trousers with belt lengths higher than waist level. One of the advantages of high-waisted trousers is that they make you look taller. Another advantage is that it tightens the waist area due to its high waist. They are pieces that can be combined both stylishly and with a sporty look. High-waisted women's trouser models can be combined with shirts, short sweaters and short t-shirts. High-waisted trousers may be the right choice for short women. Because high-waisted trouser models have the advantage of making you look taller. Short women can also look taller by taking advantage of this advantage.

Mid-Rise Trousers

The belt part is exactly at waist level. It is a must-have piece in every woman's closet. It is a clothing item that never goes out of fashion. These mid-rise trouser models can be complemented very well with shirts. Again, a combination can be made with sweaters. If you want to have a more stylish look, jackets will be the perfect piece for this.

​Low Waist Trousers

Low-waisted trouser models have waistbands below the belly button. It is a bit risky compared to high waisted trousers. Because in order for your body to look good, you need to make combinations more carefully. Since low-waisted trouser models emphasize the hip part, it is necessary to think several times when choosing. Because it may expose the body to images we do not want. Low-waisted trouser models can be preferred in all seasons. It is very important to combine low-waisted trouser models , which are a seasonless piece. It can be combined anytime and easily in daily life.

​Very Low Waist Trousers

It is a type of trousers that has a lower waist than low-waisted trousers. Low-waisted trouser models are a risky choice. If the right combination is not made, it should not be preferred. Low-waisted trouser models are among the preferences of hijab women. As with low-waisted trousers, very low-waisted trousers can always be preferred. It is a piece that can always be used depending on the season.

Although trouser models were men's clothing items in the early periods, they became indispensable pieces for women as time passed. Trousers, which have entered women's clothing life, have become among the indispensable items of women. The greater variety in trousers has increased the demand rate. In this way, women's clothing options in daily life have also increased. It is very easy to look taller or thinner than you actually are with some small subtleties. It is possible to look taller by choosing high-waisted trouser models . Women's trouser models have always become a popular piece.