Article published at: Jan 2, 2024 Article author: Eadam Dijital
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Skirts are women's clothing that is worn from the waist down and varies in fabric, cut and size. Skirts have been in women's clothing for centuries. Although the models and fabrics vary depending on the current period, skirts are an indispensable part of women.

​Skirt Models

Skirt models include many types. These;

A-line Skirt

These are skirt models that become looser from the waist down. A-cut skirts are a comfortable clothing option due to their model. A-cut skirt models are suitable for both revealing and hijab clothing. While it is usually combined with boots and boots in winter, it can also be completed with high heels and sneakers in summer.

​Flare skirt

These are skirt models that look loose, self-flowing and have a bell-like bottom. It is a model obtained from a full circle or semicircle of skirt fabric. It is a skirt that is usually below the knee in length. Just like A-line skirts, you can complement flared skirts with boots in winter. In summer, it would be a good choice to combine it with ballerinas.

​Straight cut skirt

These are skirt models that hug the waist perfectly and go straight down from the hips. These skirt models, which usually go below the knee, can also be preferred in short lengths.

​Pencil skirt

These are skirt models that are high above the waist and go straight down, as thin as a pencil, and usually end at or below the knee level.

​Pleated skirt

It is a skirt model created by folding one part of the skirt's fabric to the other skirt part. These folds can be thick folds or thin folds. Pleated skirts, which are more preferred in summer months, are also preferred in hijab clothing.

​Tie Skirt

In terms of shape, they are side-tied skirt models . Tie-up skirts are generally preferred in long form.

Bell Skirt

These are skirt models that open in a bell shape from the waist down. These are skirt models that fit perfectly around the waist and hips.

A-line Skirt

A-line skirt is a type that opens towards the hem. These are skirts that widen from the waist to the hem.

trouser skirt

It is a skirt model that has wide legs and resembles trousers, as the name suggests. It is a very comfortable type of skirt. It is a popular model in hijab clothing. You can make your trouser skirt stylish with belts and be as stylish as you want.

​Asymmetrical Skirt

In terms of shape, they are skirt models made asymmetrically from the front or from the side. Asymmetrical models may be indispensable for those who want change or difference. These are skirt models that differ in their unequal hems.

​Peplum Skirt

These are skirt models made by adding ruffle-shaped or pleated fabrics to the ends of the skirts. While peplum was originally a piece added to the lower parts of jackets, it later began to be applied to the ends of skirts.

Partial Skirt

These are skirt models created from more than one piece cut in the same style.

Wrinkled Skirt

Bürümcük are skirt models made of smocked fabric. Due to the type of fabric, it is a fabric that does not require ironing or even cannot be ironed.

loincloth skirt

Peshtamal skirt models are generally ideal for use at the sea or the beach. Since it can be tied on the side, it can be worn over a swimsuit or bikini. It is a modernized model inspired by the loincloths used in Turkish baths.

Gathered Skirt

Gathered skirt is a skirt model that has gathers at the waist and is knee-length or longer.

​Wide Belted Skirt

It is a type of skirt made by adding different models to the bottom part, which looks like a wide and flat belt from waist level to hip part.

Ruffle Skirt

Frilly skirt models consist of layers or single layers and have frills. Since ruffled skirts are a dynamic model, this should be taken into consideration when combining them.

​Tulip Skirt

Tulip skirts are skirt models that widen from the waist level down and then become narrower and thinner. Tulip skirt models make the waist look curved. Tulip skirt models made of satin and silk fabrics will add elegance and elegance to you.

Balloon Skirt

Balloon skirts are usually skirts made of shiny fabrics such as cotton or taffeta. Its lower part is swollen like a balloon. It is a model made with plain, patterned or colored fabrics.

​Skirt Models According to Sizes

Apart from skirt models, skirts are also classified according to their length. These are mini, midi and maxi.

​Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are skirts that start from the waist and end above the knee. It may be the most preferred type among all skirt types. It is the first choice of women who are self-confident and have straight legs. Wearing a mini skirt is a very risky length. But if used carefully it does not pose a problem. Mini skirts are skirts that can be worn in summer and winter, regardless of the season. Mini skirt models can be preferred to make you look taller. Miniskirts have been used since ancient times. However, after the 1950s, it became a prominent aspect in fashion. There is no clear measurement for mini skirt length. However, it may differ depending on the person wearing it. As models, bell skirts, tight skirts, pleated skirts and straight skirts are preferred in mini skirts. Miniskirts symbolized freedom and also independence. It has helped women highlight their self-confidence. While miniskirts have come to the fore from time to time, they have also been underappreciated at other times.

Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are a type that starts from the waist and usually ends below the knee and falls between a long skirt and a short skirt with an average length. For a skirt to be midi, the skirt must be below the knee. So if the knee is not visible, that skirt is a midi skirt. Midi skirts can be complemented with both sporty and stylish combinations. When using midi skirts, it is necessary to choose by looking at the body type and the shape of the midi dress. If a short woman prefers a midi dress, she should choose a high-waisted midi dress. In this way, the length will not be cut. For shoes, it would be best to choose stilettos or open-toed shoes. Tall women can easily choose a midi dress. They can choose any model or combine them as they wish. It can be completed with stilettos if you want to be stylish, or with sneakers if you want to have a sporty look.

​Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are skirts that are long from the waist to the ankles. Maxi skirt is an ideal type for elegance and elegance. Maxi skirts, complemented with plain skirts or pleated skirts, can be completed in different ways. When choosing skirt models in the form of maxi skirts, it is necessary to consider the body type. It can be suitable for every body type. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to body characteristics when making combinations. Maxi skirts, which can be easily combined and used in all seasons, are also very good in terms of comfort. Of course, it is always possible to be stylish and elegant with maxi skirts made from different fabrics. Maxi skirts, which are both stylish and practical, take their place in every woman's wardrobe as an indispensable piece. Maxi skirt models, which came to the fore in different periods, have come to the fore again in new periods and started to become popular.